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Pursuing the technology to make a breakthrough

We provide comprehensive services from engineering to production and maintenance, primarily focusing on pipe supports and steel structures (operation platforms, pipe racks, and support racks) for power plants.
Since our establishment in 1931, we have accumulated extensive experience and will continue to contribute to society with our technology and high-quality services in the spirit of constant innovation and challenge.

Pipe Support Business
Steel Structure Business
Our Strength
Comprehensive Service: Engineering to Maintenance
With over half a century of experience, we provide comprehensive services ranging from engineering services to production and maintenance. For engineering services, we handle structural analysis, strength calculation, 3D planning, and detailed designing using 3D CAD. For production work, we have a seamless production system that utilizes 3D CAD data for procurement, primary machining, assembly, welding, and painting.
Exclusive Sales Partner of LISEGA
Yamashita is an exclusive sales partner of LISEGA in Japan. LISEGA is a German company that holds the world’s leading market share in the pipe support industry. We have a wide range of LISEGA standard products in our stock at our Shiga factory, allowing for quick delivery within Japan.

Engineering Capability
We have been using Tekla Structures*, a sophisticated engineering software, since 1999 and currently possess 37 licenses. In addition to our extensive experience, we leverage our internally developed large-scale plugin to provide efficient and high-quality solutions for pipe supports and steel structures. *Tekla Structures is a registered trademark of Trimble Solutions Corporation.
Wide Variety of Facilities
We have a wide variety of machinery in our Shiga factory, such as a fully automatic processing system for shaped steel, a plasma pipe cutting machine, GEMINI (automatic gantry CNC drilling, milling and thermal cutting system for large plates), and etc., which allows us various to perform kinds of processing in our factory.
Pipe Supports
Vibration Control
Steel Structures
Pipe Supports
Vibration Control
Steel Structures
We are equipped with comprehensive facilities to ensure that we can meet various needs.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding
our products, lead-times, or to request a quotation.
Osaka Head Office
12-35, Mitejima 2-Chome, Nishiyodogawa-Ku,
Osaka, 555-0012 Japan
Tel: +81-6-6472-2351
Fax: +81-6-6471-1286

Shiga Factory
341, Uriuzu-Cho, Higashiomi,
Shiga, 527-0055 Japan
Tel: +81-748-23-1791
FAX: +81-748-23-1795

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